James Kipyego Biwot

I am James Kipyego Biwot from Kaptumo, Nandi County Kenya.

I joined the iCow Boda Soil Advocacy program in June 2021. I am a student and a team frontrunner of class BSAP1.

This is a great class I adore. I have come a long way with this team. I came to know about this soil program from a message I received on my phone. was eager to study about soil. The first lesson was a revelation, an eye opener.

I have learnt a lot. I now know that healthy crops depend on health soil and it is now my obligation to take care of the soil. I must take care of the soil integrity. Knowledge of carbon in the atmosphere, and what brings about the balance was a great mystery.

I never imagine that the work of plants including grass, was so enormous. I am now teaching my community the importance on soil regeneration and cover crops. regeneration aggressively. Regenerative agriculture is key. I have managed to share my knowledge with 44 of my community who are adopting Regenerative Agriculture, as well as 35 members from my community “Group Umbrella”.

I am now teaching them to make compost. Some have used their composts and the results they see is what I also love the most. I look forward to disseminating this knowledge to the entire community in the next few months, and plan to teach across my County.

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