Why Archaea?

We climate proof smallholder farming systems.

We do this through innovating and implementing educational solutions and systems focused on soil microbial health. We build farm resilience.
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Farmer Eduvations

Farmer Data Driven services

iCow is an Award winning e-extension agricultural platform used by thousands of farmers across Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia. For more go to www.icow.co.ke

The Soil Advocacy Program offers students a chance to gain profound insights into the microorganisms that sustain soil health, resilience, fertility, and productivity. These courses occur quarterly and consist of a total of 12 one-hour lessons. During the program, students become proficient in conducting soil integrity tests and mastering the art of creating fully microbial-rich compost. Students are shown life in the soil through a compound microscope and encouraged to continue learning with an opportunity to become a Certified Soil Lab Technician

Our custom built Soil Lab Services offer  the following:

  1. Hands on microscopy training to become Certified Soil Lab Technicians
  2. Back end Soil, Compost and Vermiculture analytics
  3. Instant SMS analyses to farmers
  4. Business training
  5. Mentorship
  6. Branding
  7. Networking

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