iCow Micro-Surveys

Farmer Micro-surveys and Feedback Questions

1. Does having access to iCow drive impact across Soils, Crops, Livestock, farmer family health, nutrition and incomes?

2. Does having access to improving agricultural knowledge drive equity and inclusion across the digital divide? What type of phones do farmers use?

3. Does access to knowledge on best practices in dairy farming improve farm systems, milk yields and incomes?

5. How are smallholder farmers using and managing animal manures?

6. What is the state and trend of soil health on smallholder farms in Kenya? Do farmers know about soil microbes and are they interested in knowing more?

7. Do smallholder dairy farmers have access to sufficient water on their farms to raise and maintain exotic high yield dairy cattle?

8. What benefits do smallholder farmers get from using the iCow Maize Calendar?

9. Are farmers interested in Soil Biology?​

10. Do farmers want to be acknowledged for their work with Certificates?​