I am Stephen Kiusya Charles from Makueni County Kenya.I joined the iCow Boda Soil Advocacy program in June 2021.I am a student from class BSAP1.

I came to know about this program through my friend Sammy Mutuku and joined because I am a farmer practicing irrigation farming. I am also a community based facilitator.

I have learned alot in this program to name but a few;

Biodiversity Regenerative Agriculture-principles and way of farming

Carbon sequestration. I’ve done experiments on soil integrity, learned effects of synthetic fertilizer on soil and it’s microbial community, learned how to regenerate soil through compost making, material to use in compost making eg use of effective microorganisms in composting, No till farming,push and pull technology,cover crops which also use them to feed livestock. I’ve been introduced to the soil food web by Dr.Elaine Igham through webinars and learned about biocomplete compost making.

I have been using fertilizers in my irrigation farming of tomatoes and kales but know have shifted from fertilizers to use of compost. Its my first time to make compost and use it. Also through the program I’ve have changed my conventional way of farming in rain fed field to minimum soil disturbance i .e ripping

I have managed to share this knowledge to my community and farmer groups in my area.

My plan as Soil advocate is to help farmers and my community to regenerate their precious soil for by helping them to make and use biocomplete compost which is the right tool for soil biology.Also am looking forward to be a Soil Advocate Consultant and lab tech.