Stella Tenai

I am Stella Tenai from Uasin-Gishu county Kenya.I joined the iCow Boda soil Advocacy program on June 19th 2021.I am a student from BSAP1. I came to know about this program through media and friends.I joined it because I am interested. In these program I have learned how to improve soil fertility by; -Doing rotational planting.
-Minimum tillage.
-Planting of cover crop.
I have learned how to utilize farm properly by doing zero-grazing to reduce space and easy collection of manure.

What I am doing differently since I joined these program;

(a)Compost making to reduce expenses.
(b) Minimum tillage to avoid waste of time.

In these program I have shared my knowledge with the customers who buy my milk and vegetables from my farm.

My future plans as a Soil Advocate is I want to be a role model and assist people to know more about their soils because this program has been an eye opener for me.

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